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Hijacked: Household Pets & Their HiJinks

Oh, progress! How much of it I make, and how little of it seems to happen! Every box I pack is just another drop in the bucket, and the bucket is a 5 gallon pickle barrel. Actually, ok, fine. The … Continue reading

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Let the Challenge Begin!

I’ve GOT IT! I’m the kinda girl that loves a good challenge. If someone else is telling me what to do, and there are prescribed rules to follow, and yet it’s completely voluntary whether I participate, I’m game. I can … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

The temperatures aren’t terrible. I’m inclined – rationally, anyway – to take the kids out to play, frolic, and gambol in the white stuff. But physically, my inclination is to stay in my pj’s with my too-sweet coffee and tons of blankets and watch movies. Continue reading

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When your digs are funky, how do you get spunky?

Now I know that a clean house does wonders for the psyche. Decluttering and opening up spaces… it’s like fresh air for the soul. I know this. But when the spirit is feeling low, and therefore motivation is lacking, it’s … Continue reading

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