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JuanaBee Takes on the Machine!

Oh, how I’ve missed this! When I last posted, I was in the process of moving and transitioning into a different sort of domestic existence. Now I’m all settled in, and thanks to my daily routine, I don’t spend much … Continue reading

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What? No pictures??

I have made some lovely strides during the course of the week, though. The lack of updates can be somewhat blamed on this. I’ve been too busy puttering around sorting through boxes and clutter, keeping up with the dailies, and clearing closets. I now have a hefty load of things to take to the thrift store – I just need to commit to taking it. For the first time since we moved in, our coat closet is – *gasp* – a COAT closet! I cannot tell you how exciting this is for our household. A place to put our winter things. Refreshing! Continue reading

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Children need rules! And structure! And charts!

I have just about had my fill of snow days, holidays, three-day weekends, and the like. Judging from their behavior, I’m pretty sure the kids have, too. They’ve gone stir-crazy. Fortunately, today is supposed to be pretty nice out (relatively … Continue reading

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Surprises! Or, I Think I Need More Coffee….

I don’t have this hooked up to a search engine, so only my friends and family can see it. I haven’t posted anything in ten days, and therefore haven’t posted a link to it anywhere, which means people are coming to it completely independently of anything I’ve said or done.

Oh, dear. Continue reading

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I’m not *really* a slob!

It is imperative that I commit myself to making absolutely certain particular things are done on a daily basis, regardless of how I feel or how much time I have. If I need to enlist the help of the other bodies in the household, then so be it. Part of assuming responsibility is the art of delegation. Everyone can pitch in to a degree. Continue reading

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A sure-fire fix to the Monday morning blues…

Monday morning after a night of questionable sleep. Son’s off to school, daughter has yet to wake up. It’s not like her to sleep this late, but she’s been pretty tired lately, so I’ll let her sleep in. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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Well, that was special!

It seems that the simple, short list that I dedicated my 24 hours to may have been a bit lofty. Whew. Continue reading

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