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Chores, smores!

Well, today’s not going to be very domestically-oriented. I’m off to run the car to the shop to see how quickly they can fix that o2 sensor (we couldn’t get the leverage to do it ourselves), and then J.J. and … Continue reading

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A Move Towards Efficiency?

Well, goals for the week are on their way to being accomplished! Yesterday, I posted about the conversation B.R. and I had about schedules and such. Among my weekly goals, I included the task of making schedule charts and implementing … Continue reading

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Children need rules! And structure! And charts!

I have just about had my fill of snow days, holidays, three-day weekends, and the like. Judging from their behavior, I’m pretty sure the kids have, too. They’ve gone stir-crazy. Fortunately, today is supposed to be pretty nice out (relatively … Continue reading

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Last night’s leftovers are for the dogs.

Well, things are finally starting to come together! We rearranged a couple of pieces of furniture, threw out the kids’ old falling-down table and chairs, unearthed some milk crates to use for some of our books… It’s not much, but … Continue reading

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Well, hello there, Stranger!

The family has the desire now for a clean house. J.J. has already seized on that energy to start contributing. The Missus has big plans for tomorrow – she wants to clean and rearrange things. I think I need to start delegating jobs. More than I do right now. Maybe a job chart would help (I’m avoiding the use of “chore” because of the negative connotations it’s associated with). Continue reading

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