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Quick Question for the Yarn Enthusiasts

Not much time for a post, but I’m on a quest, a mission. The Missus has been after me to make her a blanket for some time (months, really), and I thought, “Ok, I’ll make her a really awesome one, … Continue reading

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Let the Challenge Begin!

I’ve GOT IT! I’m the kinda girl that loves a good challenge. If someone else is telling me what to do, and there are prescribed rules to follow, and yet it’s completely voluntary whether I participate, I’m game. I can … Continue reading

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Love, crystallized, and growing things….

First, a shameless plug. I have no dignity right now – I’m trying to win a contest for my lady. If you’re on Facebook (and you likely are, or you would probably not be reading this) please click on this … Continue reading

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Children need rules! And structure! And charts!

I have just about had my fill of snow days, holidays, three-day weekends, and the like. Judging from their behavior, I’m pretty sure the kids have, too. They’ve gone stir-crazy. Fortunately, today is supposed to be pretty nice out (relatively … Continue reading

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Making molehills out of mountains…

I. Am. Exhausted. Normally, I hate when folks type out sentences with a period after every word, but this is exactly how the statement sounds in my mind, so I’ll make an exception for myself this one time. I’m tired! … Continue reading

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Well, hello there, Stranger!

The family has the desire now for a clean house. J.J. has already seized on that energy to start contributing. The Missus has big plans for tomorrow – she wants to clean and rearrange things. I think I need to start delegating jobs. More than I do right now. Maybe a job chart would help (I’m avoiding the use of “chore” because of the negative connotations it’s associated with). Continue reading

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Fail? Pshhhhh.

I figure, rather than doing obnoxious and inappropriate things to get it, like filling everyone’s news feeds with details of my bowel movements and silly memes, I can actually do something that makes me a better person Continue reading

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