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Today is the greatest

Ten years ago today, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people. I walked into my classroom, and my coworker asked if I had heard. He gestured to the television in time for me to see the second crash happen. I spent the day and night wondering how much pain a soul has to be in to hijack and crash a jet, what the terror must have been like for the passengers on those flights, how much confusion and fear must have been felt in those towers. And the children. The children there, the ones who’d lost family, and the ones in my classroom. How could anybody wver explain to them what was happening? Continue reading

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Let the Challenge Begin!

I’ve GOT IT! I’m the kinda girl that loves a good challenge. If someone else is telling me what to do, and there are prescribed rules to follow, and yet it’s completely voluntary whether I participate, I’m game. I can … Continue reading

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Confessions of a wayward blogger… and housekeeper.

Oh, my poor neglected blog! I have a litany of excuses as to why I’ve left you so high and dry for so long, but really, it all comes down to the same thing: I’m a terrible blogger. *Sigh* I … Continue reading

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Children need rules! And structure! And charts!

I have just about had my fill of snow days, holidays, three-day weekends, and the like. Judging from their behavior, I’m pretty sure the kids have, too. They’ve gone stir-crazy. Fortunately, today is supposed to be pretty nice out (relatively … Continue reading

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Surprises! Or, I Think I Need More Coffee….

I don’t have this hooked up to a search engine, so only my friends and family can see it. I haven’t posted anything in ten days, and therefore haven’t posted a link to it anywhere, which means people are coming to it completely independently of anything I’ve said or done.

Oh, dear. Continue reading

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Making molehills out of mountains…

I. Am. Exhausted. Normally, I hate when folks type out sentences with a period after every word, but this is exactly how the statement sounds in my mind, so I’ll make an exception for myself this one time. I’m tired! … Continue reading

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Cleaning in the New Year!

Spring cleaning has always meant, to me, opening up all the windows and letting in the fresh air – also beneficial. And in the fall, my mind is always set to getting rid of the dust so as to keep our lungs and bodies healthy as we prepare to spend most of our time indoors. Functional purposes, and with merit. But nothing so encouraging and inherently spiritual as cleaning to bring in a new year. Continue reading

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