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Originally posted on Anti-SuperNanny:
Cover via Amazon It’s fitting that I’ve been¬†asked to write a post on squabbling sibs. ¬†That’s how this whole thing started, after all – my children were fighting with each other, so I turned to my…

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Originally posted on Anti-SuperNanny:
Q: I need some gentle parenting advice from you, lady: My five-year-old daughter is willful, needs to test boundaries and be snotty. How do I react to bad behaviour (i.e. snotty faces, mean words, lashing out…

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Making molehills out of mountains…

I. Am. Exhausted. Normally, I hate when folks type out sentences with a period after every word, but this is exactly how the statement sounds in my mind, so I’ll make an exception for myself this one time. I’m tired! … Continue reading

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Cleaning in the New Year!

Spring cleaning has always meant, to me, opening up all the windows and letting in the fresh air – also beneficial. And in the fall, my mind is always set to getting rid of the dust so as to keep our lungs and bodies healthy as we prepare to spend most of our time indoors. Functional purposes, and with merit. But nothing so encouraging and inherently spiritual as cleaning to bring in a new year. Continue reading

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It’s been busy!

A quick update because I’m actually quite a bit overdue. I blame the children’s birthdays. It’s amazing how much time birthdays consume! The house is TIDY! I can think my sweet lady for most of it, and the kids have … Continue reading

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Last night’s leftovers are for the dogs.

Well, things are finally starting to come together! We rearranged a couple of pieces of furniture, threw out the kids’ old falling-down table and chairs, unearthed some milk crates to use for some of our books… It’s not much, but … Continue reading

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The wheel with the jobs goes round and round…

The kids really like their new job wheels! J.J. just couldn’t have enough jobs to put on hers – I had to cut her off at eight things. She’s only turning 4 next week, seriously! B.R. was more interested in … Continue reading

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