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I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.

Originally posted on Anti-SuperNanny:
Cover via Amazon It’s fitting that I’ve been¬†asked to write a post on squabbling sibs. ¬†That’s how this whole thing started, after all – my children were fighting with each other, so I turned to my…

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Originally posted on Anti-SuperNanny:
Q: I need some gentle parenting advice from you, lady: My five-year-old daughter is willful, needs to test boundaries and be snotty. How do I react to bad behaviour (i.e. snotty faces, mean words, lashing out…

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Today is the greatest

Ten years ago today, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people. I walked into my classroom, and my coworker asked if I had heard. He gestured to the television in time for me to see the second crash happen. I spent the day and night wondering how much pain a soul has to be in to hijack and crash a jet, what the terror must have been like for the passengers on those flights, how much confusion and fear must have been felt in those towers. And the children. The children there, the ones who’d lost family, and the ones in my classroom. How could anybody wver explain to them what was happening? Continue reading

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JuanaBee Takes on the Machine!

Oh, how I’ve missed this! When I last posted, I was in the process of moving and transitioning into a different sort of domestic existence. Now I’m all settled in, and thanks to my daily routine, I don’t spend much … Continue reading

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Quick Question for the Yarn Enthusiasts

Not much time for a post, but I’m on a quest, a mission. The Missus has been after me to make her a blanket for some time (months, really), and I thought, “Ok, I’ll make her a really awesome one, … Continue reading

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J.J.’s Big Idea

J.J. has been busy. She’s crazy about packing boxes and dusting everything in sight, and in her downtime, she’s sitting her mother down to make flash cards so she can learn to read. Last week, we were walking around downtown, … Continue reading

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By popular demand – recipes!

Some of my readers have been asking for recipes for a while, and I have not obliged them. I’m a terrible blogger. Actually, I’m a terrible photographer and recipe-writer-downer. I’ve been waiting to post a recipe to a fantastic dish … Continue reading

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