JuanaBee Takes on the Machine!

Oh, how I’ve missed this! When I last posted, I was in the process of moving and transitioning into a different sort of domestic existence. Now I’m all settled in, and thanks to my daily routine, I don’t spend much time on the computer at all.this has been amazing for my soul, and it’s also inspired me to think about ways to restructure this blog. Expect some changes, dear readers!

Today, I made a discovery so simple, and yet so astounding, I wanted to shout from the mountaintops. See, I’ve been trying like the dickens to figure out why, no matter WHAT I do, my towels consistently smell like mildew. All my usual mildew-busters – vinegar, baking soda, heat, etc. – have really been letting me down. A quick google search this morning showed me why: I have been treating my laundry, assuming the culprit was somewhere therein; it is not my towels alone harboring the musty-smelling stuff, it’s the machine. Our washer came with our new house, which had been left uninhabited for a period of time before we moved in. When I did our first load of laundry, I was prepared for rusty pipes, and ran an empty cycle accordingly. I never stopped to think about mold or mildew in the machine!

I now have a plan of attack. Today, I am running another empty cycle, with 2 cups of vinegar, a substantial amount of baking soda, and a bit of bleach. I will also continue with my baking soda and vinegar laundry treatment. I WILL HAVE NICE_SMELLING TOWELS AGAIN, DAMN IT!

Next time we talk, remind me to tell you of my battles with brambles, and the tree of heaven.

UPDATE: It is now 9:23 p.m., and I have washed two loads of laundry since treating my washer. It appears (knock on wood) that I have been successful! Imagine that!

Happy cleaning!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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