Quick Question for the Yarn Enthusiasts

Not much time for a post, but I’m on a quest, a mission. The Missus has been after me to make her a blanket for some time (months, really), and I thought, “Ok, I’ll make her a really awesome one, all inspiration, no pattern….” And now, here we are, in the summer, 6 months after she initially asked, and there’s not more than 4 rows stitched.


So we went to The Dusty Bookshelf, which is THE coolest bookstore in Lawrence, complete with stacks of books and cats and a kids’ room, and I picked out a book with some patterns she liked. I’m hoping that working from a pattern will help me stick to the project a little better.

Alas, there’s a caveat. I had her pick out what kind of yarn and the colors last night. She has really sensitive skin and things make her itch, and, well, who doesn’t want to be wrapped in silk at night? She definitely does. I need about 3,700 yards of yarn in baby/worsted weight, and two different colors (approx 3k yds color A, and 700 yds color B). I’m adapting a pattern, at that, so this is a little bit of guesswork. I’m estimating, and I’m estimating on the end of more yarn. On the high end, it’s looking like I’m going to have to spend about $400 on the silk-bamboo yarn it’s going to take to make this beautiful blanket. I’m going to need roughly about 21 skeins of 220 yds each. Ish.

I told her this was going to be my wedding present to her. That once I get started on this, she’s really, truly stuck with me for life, and when it’s done, I’m holding it hostage until we head out for the honeymoon. Holy hell. $400?!

I love her, I’ll do it (I don’t know how), I’ll sell kidneys to make it happen – but first – I have to know: Is there an easier way?!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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