J.J.’s Big Idea

J.J. has been busy. She’s crazy about packing boxes and dusting everything in sight, and in her downtime, she’s sitting her mother down to make flash cards so she can learn to read.

Last week, we were walking around downtown, and she pointed at a sign (a little different from the typical), and said, “Mama, that says ‘Open.'” Since it wasn’t your standard “Open” sign and it wasn’t in a place we often frequented, I was fairly impressed. Last night, as we were reading Sandra Boynton’s “Blue Hat, Green Hat,” she was following the words with her fingers, and I could tell she was actually working on recognizing cues aside from just pictures. I commented to that effect, and she said, “I know! Let’s put the words from the book on flashcards! We’ll do it first thing in the morning!”

She was nice enough to let me have my coffee, first.


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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