By popular demand – recipes!

Some of my readers have been asking for recipes for a while, and I have not obliged them. I’m a terrible blogger.

Actually, I’m a terrible photographer and recipe-writer-downer. I’ve been waiting to post a recipe to a fantastic dish that I have created and photographed in all its arranged and well-lit glory. Children don’t seem to understand that…. they see the food all plated up and piping hot, and for some reason, they think it’s time to eat. ::shrugs::

I also don’t really follow recipes, so much as I use them as loose foundations to build upon. And I don’t write them down ever, which I should, because every now and then, I make something that’s a huge hit, and I can’t replicate it because, well… there’s no documentation. I can’t repeat my genius!

This morning was one such hit, BUT it was so simple and easy, I can still remember enough to write it down this afternoon, and share with my lovely readers.

They were gone before I could even think of pictures, though.

Cream-Cheese and Berry Filled Crepes
You will need:
cream cheese

1 1/2 c fruit
2T sugar

1 c flour (whole wheat all purpose)
2 eggs
1/2 c milk
1/2 c warm water
1/4 t salt

powdered sugar

peeled frozen banana (opt)
cinnamon (opt)

-Before you do anything, set your cream cheese out to soften, or nuke it for a minute.

Fruit Filling: (*see note below) You’ll want to start this before you cook your crepes because you want the fruit to cook down into a syrupy, sweet mess. I used berries, but apples, bananas, peaches, and pears work nicely too. Play around with it. Remember – the more water content in the fruit itself, the less cooking water you’ll need.

1 1/2 c fruit
water – enough to cover the bottom of the skillet
2 T of sugar

-Bring the fruit and water to a rolling boil on med-high heat.
-Add sugar
-Cook down til syrupy (about 20 min), stirring periodically.

Crepes While the fruit is cooking down, start your crepes.

1 c flour (whole wheat all purpose is what I used)
2 eggs
1/2 c milk
1/2 c warm water
2 T melted butter
1/4 t salt

-Heat skillet on med-high
-Beat eggs in a small bowl
-In medium mixing bowl, beat eggs and flour together
-Gradually add milk while mixing
-Add warm water, melted butter, and salt; blend thoroughly.
-Lightly oil the skillet as needed (mine dry out quick, so it was after every crepe)
-Pour about 1/4 c of crepe mix into skillet, tilting skillet so that crepe covers entire bottom of the pan.
-Watch for the edges of the crepe to start pulling away from the pan (just a couple of minutes). Use your spatula to GENTLY and patiently loosen the crepe from the bottom. Flip, and cook on the other side. Watch carefully, the second side doesn’t take as long as the first.

Lather, rinse, repeat until all your crepe mix is used up and you have a bunch of yummy crepes.

Crepe Assembly: By now you shoulda somehow realized what you got to do. I’m sorry, that wasn’t what I wanted to say. I meant that by now, your fruit should be good and cooked down. Go ahead and remove it from heat.

-Using your butterknife, spread some of that softened cream cheese from earlier across the inside of the crepe.
-Spoon about 1/4 c of fruit into the crepe.
-Wrap crepe, and sprinkle with powdered sugar

Optional: Frozen Banana Puree
If you happen to have a banana in the freezer (who doesn’t?), make sure that it is peeled and coarsely chopped, and toss it into the blender with about 1/2 T of milk. (Add a touch more if needed). Puree, spoon onto the plate next to the crepe, top with cinnamon, and enjoy. If you happen to be eating a blueberry crepe, the banana makes a nice foil.

Happy breakfasting!

*Note: I usually prefer fresh fruit, but I have a bunch of berries that were frozen some time ago that I need to use – this got a bunch of them out. Fresh fruit, I wouldn’t necessarily even bother cooking down (nor would I necessarily not), but frozen fruit, absolutely.


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