Hijacked: Household Pets & Their HiJinks

Oh, progress! How much of it I make, and how little of it seems to happen! Every box I pack is just another drop in the bucket, and the bucket is a 5 gallon pickle barrel.

Actually, ok, fine. The kids rooms look great! You can see the floor, there are no hidden dishes anywhere (I’m watching like a hawk), and they both independently opted to pack the majority of their toys – this inspires twofold glee on my part because, one, the toys are out of the way for the next month, and two (more importantly), when we unpack, I can get rid of all the toys left that I hate, and everything else will be like brand-spanking new! (Not to say I haven’t been tossing out the dreaded broken, outdated toys the second they turn their backs).

The living room looks nice. I’ve packed up all the games and extras, except the Wii. The dumb dog has decided that our blue recliner is his to do what he likes with and shredded the upholstery (he nurses on fabric, and being a big rottie, that’s no gentle kneading).

This leaves the kitchen – easy fix, but often gets lost in the shuffle when I’m focused on the rest of the house. Poor room. The kitchen, the bathroom (why don’t I ever seem to want to clean the bathroom? I don’t get it), the dining room, and the entry/office space.

The entry/office space. Bookshelves full of books. Umpteen folded boxes, haphazardly stacked wherever they’ll fit. Other boxes half-filled, waiting for filling and a home. Shoes. Omigod, shoes. Everywhere. They won’t stay put. And then there’s my poor desk. I try organizing. I get good at it for a week, and then it all falls to hell. I have stacks and stacks of papers – most of which I don’t need, several of which are children’s schoolwork and I feel guilty for throwing out; I have stuffed animals, learning materials, and at any given point in time, a cat. He’s cute and disastrous. Every time he jumps up there to claim his perch on my 1995 computer monitor, he knocks something over, dips his tail into my coffee, or somehow otherwise disrupts my chaotic semblance of organization. Yes, I know what I just said… it doesn’t matter, he’s so cute! See?

Captain Jack Butterfingers

He and his kitty & canine brothers all do their part to reduce motivation factors to zero. Between their cuteness, insistence on their needs being met RIGHT MEOWING NOW! and their inability to navigate the house without making a mess…

See? They’ve even got me blogging about them. Wasting more potential energy. ::Shakes fist:: One day, I’ll defeat you, lovable, cuddly, havoc-making creatures! ONE DAY!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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