What? No pictures??

Well, but this has certainly been a busy week! I’m really not sure what all I’ve done since Monday.

Let’s see, I didn’t update on Tuesday because I spent the morning in an appointment with my lawyer, and then in the afternoon, I observed at another preschool to earn hours towards my Lead Qualification. Wednesday and Thursday, I went to work early, and had many things to do as I adjusted to my new schedule. I have begun working an extra ten hours a week, which is glorious, indeed!

I feel like I’m finally adjusting to my new schedule. I’ve already got a solid chunk of the day’s work done, and there are still two hours to go before I head off to earn my bread. My daughter starts at her new preschool this morning, and in filling out some of the financial details, I’ve discovered that with the child support we’ve just started getting, and my additional hours at work, we now exceed the federal poverty guidelines by a couple hundred dollars a month. I’m not sure how to take this – does this make us middle class? Having been a proud working class woman for so long, it leaves a funny taste in my mouth… middle class. Hmm.

I have made some lovely strides during the course of the week, though. The lack of updates can be somewhat blamed on this. I’ve been too busy puttering around sorting through boxes and clutter, keeping up with the dailies, and clearing closets. I now have a hefty load of things to take to the thrift store – I just need to commit to taking it. For the first time since we moved in, our coat closet is – *gasp* – a COAT closet! I cannot tell you how exciting this is for our household. A place to put our winter things. Refreshing!

Bills are paid up, housework done, child in preschool, things loaded up to give away, Mom’s schedule chart is made (though it already needs modification), and a bonus: we have yet another kitten. This makes a total of three cats, one dog, a gazillion fish (livebearers – the number is always changing), and a tarantula. It’s time for that house that’s coming our way!

The kitten’s name is – depending on whom you ask – Captain Jack Butterfingers, or Mermaid, if J.J. is around. Mermaid?? I don’t get it. He’s about four months old, and gets along really well with the other cats. I caught him and Buddha playing and passing out on top of each other yesterday. Capt. Jack isn’t quite sure what to think of the dog yet, though. One minute, he’s using the beast as a footbridge, and the next, he’s puffing up and yowling at him. We’ll see how that turns out. Again, the house will do wonders for everyone’s sanity.

I get to spend ten hours at work today for the usual, plus a workshop. Then I get to go back and spend seven more hours there tomorrow, for more workshoppy things. I’m really interested in the material we’re going to be learning, but I can already say with utmost conviction that I will be completely exhausted. That laundry beast probably won’t be tamed in the next 48 hours. I suspect this blog won’t hear from me til Sunday, either.

So, until then, toodle-oo!
Juana Bee


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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