Chores, smores!

Well, today’s not going to be very domestically-oriented. I’m off to run the car to the shop to see how quickly they can fix that o2 sensor (we couldn’t get the leverage to do it ourselves), and then J.J. and I are headed to school for the morning!

While I wait for her to rouse her sleepy little head – any minute now – I thought I’d post more pictures of yesterday’s project.

Routine charts
This is B.R.’s original request. He wanted something to remind him of all the things he had to do in the morning and at night so that I wouldn’t have to. So far, it’s been a huge hit.

Chore bag
Here, we have the kids’ daily chore bag. As it says on the note attached to the bag, they reach in and draw three chores. I took a page from PrettyGirlInAPlaceLikeThis and broke down jobs into really simple parts. Ie: Instead of “clean your room”, I made slips that said, “Pick up toys,” “Pick up dirty clothes,” etc. I also threw a couple of “wild” slips in to allow the kids to choose their own jobs. The chart above is to help us all keep track of how well the chores are getting done.

J.J. spins the chore wheel
Finally, we have weekly chores as well. I took 6 big jobs – cleaning the bathtub, cleaning the toilet, changing the sheets, etc. – and put them on a chore wheel. Here, have J.J. spinning hers. She was so happy about it, she wouldn’t stop spinning.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to have anywhere between 5″ and 9.9″ of snow dropped on us. Is another snow day in the works? I have mixed feelings of dread and anticipation.

We’ll see!

-Juana Bee


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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3 Responses to Chores, smores!

  1. Mandi says:

    I am glad the snow has been delayed slightly because today is my first day of online classes and I need to run out and buy the book. Also, I need to go buy blank shrinky dink sheets becuase I found a link to print Alice in Wonderland charms for a bracelet on them and thought it would be a fun snow day craft only to find out we are out of shrinky dinks! How horrid! I love the idea of the “wild card” chore! I might incorporate that into Bella’s. I haven’t done hers yet.

  2. da r a d says:

    is the image of the nightly/morning job charts covered by a creative commons license, because i’m so beyond lost as far as how to operate myself; and i’d like to print it out at 11″x17″ for personal use in my hallway. (i can’t figure out where to put the question mark, so it’s going at the very end) ?

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