Well, hello there, Stranger!

Well, I definitely got away from things, here. My mornings have been spent bussing the kids to and from school, and I just haven’t really had time to update. But I can see that I still have a loyal reader or two out there, patiently waiting for me to come back. How sweet!

The cleaning routine has, in a sense, improved. I’ve become quite adept at doing large-scale cleaning in a short amount of time, and have even managed to get it done and get pictures! The idea is to post the pictures somewhere so I can use them as a reference point and motivation.

The trouble lies in the upkeep. Now, part of it is just the day-to-day nitty gritty. Especially right now, with the cold weather stiffening my body from morning to night, it’s sometimes hard to push myself to get certain things done. Dishes are done just about every day – that’s easy. Taking the trash down the stairs and what feels like half a block away to the compactor is not easy. The fridge gets cleared out once a week – I don’t have to move much to accomplish that. But the living room is a bit of a disaster. And it would be easy to pick up under normal circumstances, but now my fingers, shoulders, back, knees are all rebelling at the thought.

Most of the time, when it comes to getting stuff done, I block out the pain. I go to work and play with preschoolers, regardless of how bad I feel – and these days, I travel by foot. I attend to my own kids. I scoop the litterbox, I do the laundry. These things are done no matter what. But when it comes to general pickup and tidying, I struggle.

I think the solution lies in delegation.

We’ve talked a lot as a family about things we want to do in the house once it gets to a point where it’s picked up regularly. J.J. wants the place to look like a school – she wants to learn all the time she says. The Missus would like a space to do yoga, and J.J. would like room to dance; the living room would be perfect for that. B.R. needs a place to stash his writing that he’s so into right now, and his books.

The family has the desire now for a clean house. J.J. has already seized on that energy to start contributing. The Missus has big plans for tomorrow – she wants to clean and rearrange things. I think I need to start delegating jobs. More than I do right now. Maybe a job chart would help (I’m avoiding the use of “chore” because of the negative connotations it’s associated with).

When I, or anyone else in the family, fall ill, everything currently falls through the cracks. If we each had more responsibility, we could help each other out when sickness strikes. It seems so common sense, right? It’s something we’ve talked about but never done. And I clearly can’t do it all by myself. It’s mostly the kids I’m thinking about. They’re old enough to help.

So today’s project, since they’re both home from school today, is to find out how they can help. Maybe we’ll make a great big job chart together. We’ll try it out for a couple of weeks, and revisit it, find out how we like it, if we want it to change.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on some sort of machine that uses pulleys and levers to get the garbage out across the parking lot.

-Juana Bee


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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