Fail? Pshhhhh.

Omg, five days! I went five days without an update, and quite honestly, I haven’t done much around the house in that time, either.

Oh, sure I have excuses – not bad ones, either. I was sick for three of those days. Had a birthday party to take the family to. Extra hours at work. Those are my get out jail free cards, right?

Five days. Hard to tell myself I’m not a failure. Especially when I look around the house, and all the beauty and peace that had been restored a couple weeks ago is gone. And when I think about how there are 11 days left in October, and I’m not sure when in November the Missus’ mom is coming to visit. Sometime in the first half of the month, I’m told.

The holidays are coming up fast. It’s not going to get any easier. I don’t know what to do. It’s the season of sickness and too much to do. I’ve got to get this figured out.

I’m wondering if it’s not time to engage my lady love a little more than I have.

I know that posting links to my blog on Facebook has helped, and during my Facebook hiatus, it really showed. It helps because, to put it bluntly, I like attention. I figure, rather than doing obnoxious and inappropriate things to get it, like filling everyone’s news feeds with details of my bowel movements and silly memes, I can actually do something that makes me a better person. What’s more, maybe someone else out there might actually benefit from it.

And without posting in a public fashion, I’m less likely to follow through because I’m not the best person to hold me accountable. I love starting things. Love finishing things, too, but I’ve not got the best track record.

So it’s time to revamp the plan. I’ve got to get this house clean. I’ve got to figure out how.

I’ve got to take my kid to school. Whoops!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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