You’ve come a long way, baby!

Oh, dear. It seems I’ve been lax. I haven’t updated in three days!

I really don’t have a good excuse. I spent a lot of time catching up on TV and Korean drama shows. I currently have a bit of an obsession with Coffee Prince, a story of blurred gender lines and love. It actually makes me giddy.

Actually, every day since Thursday has been successful. I didn’t get the living room completely done, and that’s because the clutter has been deeper than I realized. But All the things I wanted to keep up with – clearing the dirty dishes, making sure the sink is shiny, taking out the trash, general picking up – all that has been done with no issues whatsoever. And I’ve made a dent in my paper pile and in some of the clutter. A golf-ball sized dent, but a dent nonetheless!

Furthermore, since I had to work on the kitchen sooner than planned, that will free up some time to work on the living room clutter later on. Because week two is supposed to be dedicated to the kitchen, I can continue the effort into this second week.

My plan for the kitchen/dining nook:

Week 2: Kitchen/Dining Room – Find homes for all our random appliances. Reorganize cabinets to fit everything. Make proper use of brown “pantry” shelf outside of kitchen (ie: get all that other crap off it). Declutter “crafty corner” in dining nook, sort thru kids’ toybox.

Today will not consist of much more than what I have been doing, likely. If I get more done, that’s great – but it’s a lazy Sunday which may include a trip to the grocery store. I won’t push myself too hard.

Monday, I will begin reorganizing the cabinets to make room for appliances. This really shouldn’t take too long because the food cabinets are already pretty well organized. It’s the pots & pans and storage containers that have taken over and defied order. Damn them. I will also clean out the fridge thoroughly – taking out shelves and wiping them down and all. I believe that needs to be done no less than twice a year, and it’s fall. Soon we’ll be trapped inside by the snows and I don’t want to be stuck inhaling heaven-knows-what that escapes from the fridge.

Tuesday will be dedicated to clearing off the “pantry shelf” and using it in the manner it was originally designated. You know, for food and stuff. Not keys and cigarettes and unopened mail. I have other places for those things. And the cigarettes should really go anyway – but that’s a subject for a whole different blog.

Wednesday, I will work on the Crafty Corner around the dining table. There are boxes of tools and all things car-related that really need a better home. I think the car may be a good place for them. Goddess willing, we’ll have the car back by Wednesday. We’re hoping to have it tonight, actually. Anyway, I’ll be clearing out the toybox and putting the toys in the kids’ rooms (what doesn’t get tossed anyway), taking those boxes out, and putting all my craft supplies in one place. For once, they’re not out of control, but they could stand a little streamlining.

From Thursday on, I will work more on the dining/living areas and general decluttering. And all week, I will keep up with the good work I’ve done so far – dishes, trash, litterbox, laundry.

As for how to measure my progress with each update, which I was supposed to have a plan for as of this past Friday, I think that assessing how well I meet my weekly plan on a daily basis is the way to go. So far, it’s working out pretty well. I’m beginning to see what my strong suits are and what areas have surprised me.

The way I cleaned the whole house in an hour last definitely surprised me! I didn’t think I could do “big-picture” cleaning – it’s always taken me hours because I’m so detail-oriented and scattered! But I learned last week that if I just commit to a specific task, don’t worry about getting it perfect (I can always come back later and get it perfect, right now I need to Get It Done), don’t allow myself to be sidetracked by other things that need to be done as well (write it down and come back to it later if need be), I can accomplish more in a smaller amount of time.

And the text I got from the Missus while I was at work later on in the day was the icing on the cake. She’d slept through my cleaning, and texted me on my way home from work, “Wow, lady!”

I walked in the door, “What do you mean, ‘Wow, lady’?” thinking for sure I missed something.

“You cleaned. The house looks great!”

Well shoot, now that you mention it… it kinda does!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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