Slight change of plans

Well, yesterday’s meeting ran over an hour longer than I expected it to. I got home just in time to put the kids to bed. Plus I was feeling sick and lightheaded. Blech. I scooped the litterbox and put the laundry in its proper place, but the dishes were sorely neglected. I woke up to a mountain this morning.

Today, the maintenance crew is coming in to change the furnace filter. Exciting as that may be, it means I will have to shift my focus a little bit from long-range cleaning to immediate, short-term results. I hate that, because I end up making decisions that make it harder to do a thorough cleaning later on – stashing piles of et cetera in random hidden corners, for example.

So rather than actually DO something, I blog about it instead. Yes. This works for me.

I need to take out the trash and do the dishes. Those are top priority today. We’ll see what else I get done, and then I’ll modify my plan accordingly.

Why don’t things ever want to go the way I expect them to? Sheesh….

Update: Whoo!! The kitchen looks sparkly, and the floor is clean! I did it! Not spotless, but there’s nothing mortifying about the way my home looks… it’s kind of nice. Now that it’s tidy in here, I can really get down and focus on the nitty gritty details. Yay!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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