A sure-fire fix to the Monday morning blues…

Monday morning after a night of questionable sleep.

Son’s off to school, daughter has yet to wake up. It’s not like her to sleep this late, but she’s been pretty tired lately, so I’ll let her sleep in. She doesn’t need to be at school til 9:30 anyway. Well speak of the devil, she’s up and sunshiney as ever! Talking about how she can stand on her tippy-toes and spin like in ballet.

I’m hoping I can get her dropped off around 9 and come home and nap for a bit before I pick her up, feed her, and go off to work. Today’s going to be a long day at work – we have a staff meeting after the kids all go home. I’ll be getting home just in time to put the kids to bed. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for the nitty gritty of the keeping of house. But I’ll try anyway.

Today, the bare minimum I will do is wash the dishes, scoop the litterbox, and make sure all the laundry is in its proper place.

If I’m to get the living room done this week, I need to have a plan in place. I know I won’t get too much accomplished today, but the rest of the week should be “normal,” whatever that means.

On Friday, I said,

Week 1: The Living Room – pare down the boxes of VHS – sort into keepers and tossers and mystery tapes that need to be solved. Figure out what to do with books that need to be shelved, with no shelving! Clean patio door, declutter end table, entertainment center and desk. Figure out where to put basket of cables and drawers of t-shirts my love inherited from a friend who moved away.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already started going through the VHS. That’s a low-energy task, so I think I’ll continue that process today. But I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with them all once they’re sorted. Perhaps I’ll stash them in a closet for the time being? That sounds mighty productive.

Tuesday, I’ll commit to finding a temporary home for the shelf-less books. Somewhere out of the way. That should be a little easier, I think – there’s a lot of them, but they take up less space than an equivalent amount of blocky VHS tapes. I’ll go ahead and clean off the patio door, as well. Wash dishes, as usual, and take out trash.

Wednesday, I’ll work on decluttering the end table, entertainment center, and the desk, and processing the papers that said decluttering uncovers. I’ll do dishes and clean out the fridge. It really needs it, there’s no room for anything anymore. I’m curious to see how many different kinds of salad dressing we have, anyway.

Thursday, I will find homes for my love’s t-shirt collection and the basket of random cables. I’ll scoop the litterbox again, wash dishes, and take out the trash.

Friday through Sunday, I will fill in gaps and maintain the beautimous state I will have created in the living room, as well as keeping up with dishes, trash, and the litterbox. And it seems a good idea to do some laundry if I haven’t found time earlier in the week to knock it out already.

Is that a plan, or what? Here’s to stickin’ to it!


About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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