A minor setback…

Well, the Missus has been sick with strep, and instead of carrying on with my project, I’ve been doting on her. The memory of my first (and last) bout with strep is still fresh in my mind: I was in upstate New York, on vacation, when I came down with it. I firmly believe strep throat should be ranked up there with childbirth and gallstones on the pain spectrum. At least with those two, there’s a sense of relief in the end when the child is born or the stone is passed. Strep throat makes all other sore throats look like a walk in the park!

So I’ve spent the last day and a half cuddling and feeding a sick sweetie. Sue me.

The good news is, the laundry has all been going to appropriate places. Dirties in the hamper, clothes I’m going to wear again neatly folded and put in (or on) the dresser, and clean clothes put away. I’ve managed to keep up with the dishes pretty well, too, and even do some light picking up along the way – maybe not so much the decluttering, but all in all, not a bad start!

I’ve been thinking, I should really have some benchmarks to be working towards. Some sort of goal to keep my eye on.

It’s hard for me to remember to post every day, especially when so much distraction has been going on. But I think that should be my first goal. Regardless of how much cleaning I’ve done and how much life may try to interfere, I will aim to post every day, because then I can see my progress on a day to day basis.

I also think I’m going to have to measure my progress. So I’m going to give myself a week (that’s next Friday y’all) to come up with a system to measure my progress.

The Missus’ mom is coming to visit in November. I’ve heard tell she’s a stickler for clean and will probably be more than happy to help reorganize cabinets and get rid of clutter. While I think that sounds lovely (sort of), I would prefer to have a beautiful home ready for her. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that in one month, each room will be tidy and mostly decluttered. I say mostly because we are lacking in bookshelves and definitely NOT lacking in books. And because there are still some boxes left to unpack that, I’m sure, will be reduced in number in a month’s time, but I’m skeptical that they’ll all be gone.

Probably good to have a plan to focus on, to make that happen,e h? By October 24, the apartment will be tidy and mostly decluttered. I will accomplish this by focusing on the following:

Week 1: The Living Room – pare down the boxes of VHS – sort into keepers and tossers and mystery tapes that need to be solved. Figure out what to do with books that need to be shelved, with no shelving! Clean patio door, declutter end table, entertainment center and desk. Figure out where to put basket of cables and drawers of t-shirts my love inherited from a friend who moved away.

Week 2: Kitchen/Dining Room – Find homes for all our random appliances. Reorganize cabinets to fit everything. Make proper use of brown “pantry” shelf outside of kitchen (ie: get all that other crap off it). Declutter “crafty corner” in dining nook, sort thru kids’ toybox.

Week 3: Kids’ Bedrooms – Sort through old toys & books for keepers and tossers, create better storage system for toys. Hang up artwork on walls.

Week 4: Our Bedroom – Sit down on bed and cry it out first; eat a tub of ice cream. Look in hidden corners for trash. Knock out ENTIRE pile of laundry, no matter what it takes. Sort through clothes: toss anything that hasn’t been worn in a year. Put the Missus’ knicknacks and kitsch in an appropriate place – not the bookshelf because those shelves are a valuable commodity. Sort through boxes, condense wherever possible. Declutter, declutter, declutter.

You’ll notice the bathroom didn’t make the cut. I already decluttered that, two weeks ago! Yay, me!! 😀

This should make a huge difference.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled on Craigslist and FreeCycle and the like for the following:

Bookshelves/wall shelves
Queen and twin bedding
Any sort of helpful storage implement

This is my one-month goal. In six months, I’d like this to be habit for me, and in a year, I’d like the whole thing to be instinctual for me and the whole family.



About Juana Bee

I'm raising two beautiful and brilliant kiddos who inspire me everyday, with my life partner who likewise challenges and inspires me.
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